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KOGO vs. LASSARD – Independent Tour Diary

09.11.tjingeling german friends!!

so… finally we are on the road. boy is it a long trip to germany by car..
our new friends in lassard are really great and they take really good care of us. germans are nice!

right now we are at thommy haus in berlin. great place so let’s just hope that some people show up. (does germany like kogo?)

oh, well i don’t really have anything to say so i’m gonna get me some more jäger.
cheers party people! keep cool!!
//justin – kogo

10.11.thursday morning.
ok, yesterday we got the answer to my question. germany does not like kogo… ok, that might not be true, but last night sucked ass!
oh well, tonight will be better.
so long suckers!

13.11.monday night in mainz..

tjena tjena.

wow, it’s not easy to find a computer when on the road.. and when you finally do it’s fucking mac… haha, oh well.. we are at the headquarters of "my favourite toy", and dirk is taking great care of us.

we are in a way better mood now. the second show in hamburg, at the schilleroper, was great! thanks to marfa who joined us there..
after that we went to the beautiful city of forst.. anyone who has been there knows what i’m talking about. so i’m telling you, if you and your loved one are thinking of going on a romantic holiday, forst is the place to be!!
astonishing scenery, wonderful people, great food, amazing rooms to spend the night… the list just goes on and on..

14.11.yesterday we did a show here in mainz at a really cool place called caveau..there was a band from limburg who had the most amazing bassplayer we’ve ever seen… at first we thought he was on cocain, but it turned out it was just speed. haha! oh you silly germans, you never cease to surprise us, do you?

tomorrow we leave for düsseldorf to an acoustic set at brause. we haven’t had much time to rehearse for it so it should be really interesting.
hope to see you there!!


15.11.tuesday night..

in düsseldorf! i have no idea where i am but somehow i feel like home here.. just did our acoustic set at the brause and it was really cool! the place is about the size of a regular bathroom so it was kinda full, but it sure was nice! it’s really weird for us to play acoustic but it was fun!
right now we are at dani’s appartment where we are gonna sleep. dani is a real cute girl who has actually agreed to let all eight of us stay at their flat.. if she only knew what she’s getting herself into..

time to get some sleep = jäger..

goodnight party people!

another day off. nice. yesterday we played all areas here in köln. nice place, fucked up owners. really unfriendly bastards. but hey.. fuck them! we had a great time, lots of friends and family of lassards.. after the show we had some backs and fell asleep watching "the fifth element". milla jovovich is the bomb! nothing but sweet dreams..
as you can see i have nothing remotely funny or interesting to write about so i’m just gonna shut up..